Experiences of Awesome Maps -coloring map in a decor of a camper van

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Writing day 10.2.2021

I dreamed of a coloring map of Awesome Maps so long!! Already before we started to dream of our own camper van and I though that it would be amazing to our home. The coloring map found from some surf store mentioned for ladies but then it suddenly disappeared from there. And then I could not find it from anywhere. Luckily at some day at the end of last year 2020 I found *the webpage of Awesome Maps where also the coloring map was found. 😍🤩🤗🌍

I think that when our son is still growing a little bit, he will love to color the countries shown in the map where we have visited together with a camper van. 🙂 And it would be possible that we will get some kind of asking like this: “When we can get again on the road and when he can color more countries. 🤭🙈😅

Awesome Maps -coloring map fits so well to our Weinsberg Carabus 600 MQ -camper van

Thanks to Awesome Maps we got our own coloring map as a paper version and now it is found from our Weinsberg Carabus 600 MQ – camper van. 🤩🙃🤗🚐 When the colder season came in last autumn 2020 here in Finland, we put the thermo cover inside the van in the front of the back doors. It helped a lot for the comfort and the feeling of bet disappeared. The map fits very well to the surface of this thermo cover. And from the map we can see easily where we have visited and think where to go next just by lying on the bed. 🙂

We tested to put the map also to the side wall of the camper and it is awesome also there. It is difficult to decide in winter time where to put it. ☃️❄️🤭🙈 In summer time the decision is very easy because you have to see the view from the back windows. 😍 Where do you put the coloring map? 🙂

Awesome maps värityskartta
Awesome Maps -coloring map inside Weinsberg Carabus 600 MQ -CUV.

On the other side of the bed we have the bed for our son so it is not possible to put the map there. Here you can find more photos from the bed solution of our son but the text is found still only in Finnish. But as you can see 3 persons can sleep very well in the camper van now. I will translate the text also in English later. 🥰😴

Awesome maps värityskartta
Awesome Maps -coloring map connected to the thermo cover of our Weinsberg Carabus 600 MQ -camper van.

The amazing details of Awesome Maps -coloring map

The details of Awesome maps -coloring map are so beautiful and I love the drawing style!! 😍🌍 We have still colored only our home country because of corona situation and the border limitations. Hopefully at the end of this year 2021 or next year we could travel with a camper van around the Europe and we could get more color to our map. 🤗

Awesome maps värityskartta
Awesome maps värityskartta
The lovely details and very unique drawing style of coloring map.

The material options of Awesome Maps -coloring map

You can find the coloring map as a paper, a canvas or a towel versions. We have a paper version but I would think a canvas version would be probably better to camper van because of possible humidity inside the camper. If you would like to have it home, I think it does not matter which one you chose. Your own preference affects. Note that we don’t have own experience of the canvas version but I think that it is good because I have seen many videos here in Awesome Maps Instagram. 🙂

And now afterwards when I am thinking a paper or a canvas… We might have chosen the canvas map also because of our toddler who likes to touch everything. But the whole thing didn’t even come to our mind before. 🤭🙈 Our son likes to tear everything and even those the curtain systems of the rear door windows are often of his interest and we fear that they fall apart. 😅 Now when here in Finland it is winter time and we have the thermal cover used, it protects the curtain systems of the rear windows well and maybe our son has already passed this tearing stage in the coming spring.😅

Awesome maps värityskartta
The canvas version of Awesome Maps -coloring map is maybe the best one for a camper van. However, there is a paper version shown in the photo.

The other maps of Awesome Maps

You can find also other maps *on the webpage of Awesome Maps. We liked a lot also e.g. Kitesurf map which is also a world map and you can see from the map where the wind season is on and which wind directions are good for every kitesurfing spot. Image that you are lying on the bed of a camper van and checking out the map and the different kite surfing spots and just thinking where you would like to travel next.😊

You can also find a scratch map as an alternative to coloring map if you prefer more that option. We wanted the coloring map because of our son. And I am just guessing that he might scratch the whole map as soon as our eyes are somewhere else. 🤭🙈

If you want to have our own map, you should visit in our Instagram and check out the highlights there. You can find a magic code from Awesome Maps named highlight and by using this code you can get -10% off. And you are also very welcome to follow us on Instagram!! 😊

Have a great day!!!! 😊😊😊

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