Kiteboarding and travelling as a whole family hobby

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Updated 5.9.2021

Our family’s dream is to make kiteboarding and travelling a year-round hobby for the whole family so that even the littlest one of the family can be involved in the adventures.??? Before we had a child, we went kiteboarding with Pasi and it didn’t matter that much where we stayed the night if the next day was also windy. At that time, the options where for example a tent or a hammock. ??

Suitable kiteboarding spots in Finland are quite often a bit far from the services and in our case also quite far from our home. As many knows you can kitesurf on beaches of the sea and also on beaches of some big lakes. ?‍♀️?

In winter time, you can kiteboard e.g. in Pallas fells in Lapland Finland (see photo below). ?❄️ When you kiteboard, usually it takes the whole day and a warm and safe place for a little traveler makes the life easier. ? Also it is easier to do the daily routines: food, diaper replacement in a warm place. And the best solution for a warm place is definitely an own camper van!!! ????

We like to use a word: camper van, but I have noticed that some of the manufacturers are used a name CUV (Caravan Utility Vehicle) for a camper van. But we mean a camper van which you can use also in winter time when it can be -20…-30 degrees here in Finland. ☃️❄️

Kiteboarding in Pallas fells in Lapland of Finland.

A couple months after the birth of our son we started dreaming about the feel of freedom. That feeling when you can go on an extempore trip e.g. for a weekend. And you don’t have to plan the trip before. It is lovely to go with the flow just by checking the weather and wind forecast. So you can check where it would be the best wind forecast for next days, and then just go there. If it will not be windy in any spot, it is not a problem: you can check where it will be sunny and then go to that place. ???

The definitely best trips are those ones when you don’t know what the day brings. And it is possible to think that every day is like a new little adventure! ???? And the camper van is a solution to make those kind of trips also with a little child. ?????

Our dream of an own camper van became true in last September 2020. ?? Now we can travel without plans so that the littlest one of our family can be with us. And what is the best: we can again go to kiteboard also with Pasi so that our son can be with us on the beach or in winter time spots!!! ??

By reading this blog post further you can find answers how the dream became true and how it was possible to buy a camper van already although I am still at home with our little son. So you can say that I am a housewife or something like that?

This is how our dream of an own camper van began

Our new little family member was born in winter 2019. The first months were spent mainly admiring and taking care of him. ? We slept in naps together and just enjoyed the little moments and different unhurried everyday life. At the end of the spring, when our son started to sleep all night long, we found ourselves once again dreaming of kitesurfing and the trips related to it. ?

Our first trip with a baby

In July 2019 Pasi’s summer holiday started. We rented a cottage for a week far away from our home in order to test how we can travel with an almost half-year-old baby. When packing a car, it became clear that we cannot fit the kitesurfing stuff and baby’s stuff to our car at the same time. So we left the kitesurfing equipments at home at this time. ?

After all, leaving the kitesurfing equipment at home didn’t bother us so much. However, we got on a trip for a very long time and saw kitesurfing friends living further north at the same time. And we noticed also how much our son enjoyed travelling and slept as well as at home. ?? So it was true what I had heard somewhere that a baby doesn’t matter where he or she is, as long as the parents are close to him. ?? (After this trips, we have noticed, that sometimes it comes also moments when he does not fall asleep so easily. ?).

It would be nice to get for kitesurfing as well

At the end of the summer 2019 we started dreaming again about getting on a kitesurfing trip. We started wondering if we could rent a motorhome or a camper van for a weekend. However, this idea always stopped for a too expensive rent price or we couldn’t find a free camper van or a motorhome enough close to our home. Unfortunately, it is not possible to plan a kitesurfing trip in advance because you cannot know which weekend will be enough windy.

That was the reason why we started dreaming of our own camper van and it became into our minds more and more often. And at some point we found ourselves thinking about it almost every day. ??? When we saw a motorhome or a camper van e.g. in the parking place of our local food market, we just wondered why we could not have that too. ?

This is how the dream of a camper van started to become true

We were the most interested in a camper van made in a factory more and more, as it would also be suitable for everyday use. And we had to figure out how to get money to buy a very expensive car when I wasn’t working and I was at home with our son. I still didn’t want to go back to work because I had got this very unique opportunity to be at home with our son. It was so exciting to see how our own child learns almost every day something new and wonderful. In addition, being at home we could do trips more often because Pasi has 6 weeks of paternity leave in addition to his standard holidays (4-weeks summer holiday and 1-week winter holiday). ??

I think that we are quite lucky in Finland because we can get a support from our country so that it is possible to be at home until the child will be a 3-year-old. The first nine months the support is bigger and after that it is about 250€ per month. So in our case, it wasn’t possible to buy a car if I get only that 250€ per month.

So where to get an extra money for purchase of a camper van

During the late summer and early fall 2019, I tried to think if I could do some work at home and what it could possibly be. No even a slightly profitable business idea came to my mind, so soon I started to check other options. One opportunity was to start to study something. And at some point I noticed that if you study, you can get support for studying.

The more I was thinking the study option, the better it started to feel. Because the studying at the same time would brought a nice counterbalance to my everyday life with a toddler. Then I just had to figure out what I would like learn and study. I started to looking at the options. Pretty soon I found an interesting option and it was even possible to study it almost all remotely because there were only 1-2 school days per a months. So I could study remotely for a child’s daytime sleeps and evenings. And I could also study during those trips with a camper van. Then we thought with Pasi that this is it: the most perfect solution for our life situation!! ???

A camper van trip in October 2019.

Testing a suitable camper van

In October 2019, I had sent the applications for studies and rental car prices had fallen after the end of the summer season. In a test sense, we rented a camper van shown in above photo for a week. The price for the rent was about 600…700€ per week. In summer time the price is about 1000€ per week.

We wanted to test at first what size of a camper van would be enough for our little family with too much stuff. ? We knew in advance that we probably like a lot the camper life style because we had made a trip with a camper van in New Zealand before our son’s birth. ?

During a camper van trip with about 8-month-old baby we noticed that it was surprisingly easy because you have “home” always with you. ?? In addition, it was even possible to kitesurf for a very long time!! ??‍♀️? And it is almost impossible to describe that feeling and the amount of smiling!! ???

When I was kitesurfing and came from the sea back to the beach, I was smiling even more when I noticed where Pasi had put our little one to sleep nap. There the little one slept so happy looking on the beach with sea roaring, even though the wind speed was over 10 m/s !! Then we got the feeling that we have to get our own camper van !!! ????

Our baby slept so happily on the beach.

Comparison and selection of camper vans

In October and November we visited in many caravan stores by checking out the options for CUVs (Caravan Utility Vehicles) and by asking offers. Little one was always with us in the sling and once he got hungry and got milk on the bed of one CUV which was on sale. The sales person just said to us that you can go to your new CUV to feed your baby. ?? However, we hadn’t enough encourage to make a deal at that time. ???

At the beginning of November 2019, it became clear that I can start to study when I am ready. Then, if ever that we had to make the decision and put our so long-dreamed CUV in order! ?? I can tell you that it was quite exciting and scary moment at the same time. ??

And what is the situation now?

After that we waited for the camper van impatiently. And sometimes (probably too often??) we asked from the seller when our CUV will arrive!! ? Coronavirus situation delayded the delivery time a lot. The delivery was supposed to be at first in the middle of the May 2020 at the latest. However, due to the coronavirus, the CUV factory was closed for a few weeks, which unfortunately caused a very delayd delivery.

And here you can read when we finally got the long-awaited camper van and what the feelings were like! ? It finally took about a year and 4 months to make the dream came true, if you count from the point, when we started dreaming!!!

If you were interested in how our CUV story continued and goes now, then come to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. ? More information about us you can find here.

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