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This privacy policy explain how we use the personal data we collect from you when you use our website.

This privacy policy is created 7.4.2021.

1. Who are we and how to contact us?

  • Koti on siellä missä tuulee -blog website. “Koti on siellä missä tuulee” can be translated in English: home is where the wind blows
  • You can find the details how to contact us from Contact-page.

2. Why do we collect your personal data?

”User” means here in this privacy policy the users, customers, companies etc who visit on our website.

Possible reasons why the data is collected:

  • The communication between the user and a website administrator (us).
  • The development of the service, activities and website
  • The marketing of the products and services and utilizing the data statistics and analysis
  • Commercial collaboration and Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing via Facebook and Instagram

3. What is found from the collected data?

Contact form:

  • First name
  • Email address
  • The subject and message of the email


  • Login and operational cookies (e.g. saving settings)
  • User credentials (e.g. clicks on the links, pages and posts, duration of actions etc)
  • Analytic cookies to improve site performance
  • Targeted cookies or advertising cookies (Facebook, Instagram, Google)

User approves the using of the cookies when he/she comes to the website.

4. Who will receive the data?

Contact form:

  • This blog website uses Zoner’s offering WP Cloud service and more information is found here. Blog website works in Zoner’s server and the email addresses of the blog are also taken via Zoner. Backups are also saved to Zoner’s server.
  • The contact form has been made in Contact Form 7-add on and the user given information is transfered to the email address of the blog. More information about Contact Form 7 is found here.


  • Google Analytics
  • Cookie Notice -add-ion is used in order that user can decide if he approves the using of cookies.

Unfortunately we cannot be responsible or fully aware of the use of external add-ions etc, but we only collect the information necessary to ensure the user’s privacy to the best of our ability and to provide a blog site that works in the best possible way.

If we become aware of a security breach, we will notify the users concerned as soon as possible so that they can take the necessary security actions.

Upon request, personal data may be disclosed to the authorities in accordance with Finnish law.

5. Data transfer outside EU or ETA

  • Google (cookies)
  • Contact Form 7 (Japan, first name and email address)

6. Security principles

  • We collect only the necessary information
  • We use only recommended add-ions.
  • The user name and password are needed to access to the information.
  • We update always WordPress and the add-ions to the latest versions.

7. How long do we retain the information


  • Cookies are stored for 3 months after than accepted by the user. And cookies are retained for 1 month if not accepted by the user.

Contact form:

  • The user information is removed from the blog’s email if asked.

8. General rights

  • Right of access to own information
  • Right of repair
  • Right of transfer data
  • Right to delete cookies

9. User’s obligations

  • For your part, the user must take care of data security by using passwords which are good enough and changing them regularly and storing them properly.
  • The user must also take care of the security of the devices which he uses.

10. Under 18 years old users (underage users)

  • We don’t knowingly collect information from underage users.
  • The site may contain links to various products and services and underage users should only purchase them with permission of their parents.


When site users leave comments on the site, the comment form collects the following information: comment, name, email address, home page, and the user’s IP address and browser version information to help identify spam.

12. Media

Please note that you upload images to our site, you should avoid uploading images that contain location information. Other users if the site can download and view the location information from images on the site.

13. Links to other websites

  • Blog posts and emails sent to the mailing list (in future) may contain links to third-party websites that are not under our control. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content of these sites or the links they contain.
  • Third-party websites also use cookies, which must be accepted by the user of the website. If the user does not accept them, he must stop using that site
  • It is the user’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the registry information statement and privacy policies of third party websites.
  • Some of the links on our site may be Affiliate links through which we receive commissions or, for example, free months of use of the products. Affiliate links are indicated by an (*) sign and an entry at the end of the blog post: “Note! This post contains Affiliate links marked with an *. If you purchase a product or service through that link, we will receive a small commission or a free month of use of the product. However, simply clicking on the link will not incur any costs for you or any income for us. We only recommend products / services that we have tested ourselves and found to be good. ”

14. Commercial collaboration and Affiliate marketing

We are happy to market products or services offered by different companies that we like and that we find useful. We do not share your information with partners without your permission.

15. The changing of privacy policy

We will review the contents of this registry and privacy statement as necessary, which may change. We will notify you of any changes. By using our site, you automatically accept a new registry and privacy statement. If you do not agree, the only option is to stop using the site.

16. Additional information

If some of the listed condition is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us: lp(at)

This privacy policy is here because of Finnish and EU laws.

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